Calling All Freshmen!

Freshmen, welcome to the SGA Website! I am sure you have seen us around campus over the last week. Your freshmen gift awaits you! If you have not yet received it, please stop by our office (located in the Waldron Campus Center across from the SOLD office) anytime while supplies last! We are very excited to meet all of you.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to any of our members or contact us via this web page! You can find the link in the side bar under “Contact Us”.

On behalf of the Student Government Association, WELCOME TO GANNON!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back returning, freshmen, transfer, and international students! 2014-2015 will be a spectacular year. Student Government Association is looking forward to help make it even better! We hope you are just as excited as we are! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to stop by the SGA office in the Waldron Campus Center, room 105, or look in your Gannon University planner for one of our meetings. Don’t forget all meetings are live streamed on this website so if you want to see what our meetings are like please link in and enjoy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@gannonsga) and like us on Facebook. Go Knights!

New Executive Board!

Congratulations to our new executive board!

President – Taylor Shaffer
VP of Academic Affairs – Hannah Smerker
VP of Clubs and Organizations – Katy Roose
VP of Public Relations – Abby Cavalier
Secretary – Adro Cherico
Treasurer – Taylor Beck

Thank you to everyone who has voted! Be sure to congratulate your new executive board when you see them on campus.

This coming semester/year!

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to be starting this semester off very soon and to see returning and new students alike. The website is still undergoing changes and will do so into the beginning of the year. The most noticeable changes are the pages for the SGA roster and always being updated. These pages have correct data on them in terms of names, but the rest of their information is still being updated. This, of course, will become more accurate with SGA roster information as classes start again, and we have more data on people.

Just want to let everyone know that we are excited to get this year going and to see everyone back!

Hello Everyone!

The website is currently being updated heavily. With the coming of the new semester/year, it is time again that the site become updated with current information and all existing functionalities are tested thoroughly.

This is just a note that ALL information (including member roles, calendars, etc) will be subject to change over the next few weeks. Things are being updated, so please be patient as there may be a few hiccups or discrepancies.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus soon!

SGA Electoral Candidates

Executive Board Candidates

Note: Not in any specific order.


Mike Krysiak
Mike Kryisak

A True Leader
Junior, Political Science Major
Mission: Facilitate campus unity, keep the students well informed, support my constituents, and represent the true voice of the student body.
Organizations: Army ROTC (Multiple leadership positions), SGA ( Junior Class Representative)
Athletics: Men’s Wrestling (Starting 149 lb wrestler), Army 10-Miler Team, Intramurals

Luke King
Luke King

I am a junior Biology/Pre-Medicine student from Mars, PA. As a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, Gannon Ambassadors, Tri-Beta, and SGA VP of Academic Affairs, I’ve found that involvement is the best way to capitalize on my collegiate experience. I hope to continue my involvement as 2013 SGA President.

Shane Cowan
Shane Cowan

Biology Pre/med student taking 17 credits. Internal Vice President of Pi Kappa Alpha, Junior Representative for SGA, defensemen on the hockey team, and member of Phi Eta Sigma. I’m constantly on the run, but I always have time for family and friends. Peace Love and Namaste!

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hannah Smerker
Hannah Smerker

I am an ambitious student leader devoted to organizations such as Phi Eta Sigma, Tri Beta, the honors program, and, most importantly, the Executive Board of SGA as the current Secretary.  As a biology/pre-medicine major, I also enjoy working as a lab assistant for the biology department and hope to attend the University of Pittsburgh for medical school in the future.

Joe Gnahoui-David
Josep David

Connor Kilgore
Connor Kilgore

My name is Connor Leigh Kilgore and I am a sophomore Physician Assistant student running for VP of Academic Affairs.  If elected, I will valiantly get the job done! Hey, there’s a chance I might know you, and this is crazy, but here’s my candidacy, so vote for me maybe?

Ian Pacholec
Ian Pacholec

As VP of Academic Affairs,

I will be the one who declares,

I will be the one who cares.

As Academic Affairs Vice President,

I will be Gannon’s number one resident,

I will set a new precedent.

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations

Patrice Swick
Patrice Swick

I’m Patrice Swick and I am a sophomore Business Administration major hoping to add on a minor in Theology. I’m born and raised in Erie and I am a Commuter Adviser (shout out to Commuter Life!). With my experience in Commuter Life, and other leadership opportunities I have had, I believe I can bring something new and exciting to Gannon through SGA. I want to develop a leadership program that will give students the chance to not only develop themselves as leaders, but also have the opportunity to make a difference at their University.

Megan King
Megan King

I’m a juinor biology major from Erie, PA. I am also an active member of Phi Eta Sigma, the secretary of Sigma Sigma Sigma, and a junior class representative on SGA. I hope to bring new ideas to SGA next year to help better the university and better represent the student body.

Matt Tagliaferro
Matt Tagliaferro

I am Matt Tagliaferro and I am running for SGA Vice President of Clubs and Organizations.  I believe I am well suited for the position because of my extensive leadership experience and my passion for making Unity Week even better than it was this year.

Vice President of Public Relations

Kelsie Bunce
Kelsie Bunce

I am a Junior Business Administration major with a Marketing minor from Rochester, New York.  I would like to be the Vice President of Public Relations for SGA because I believe I can use this position to benefit the student body through knowledge and experience I’ve gained in classes such as Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Leadership.

Kat Shindledecker
Kat Shindledecker

My name is Kat Shindledecker. I was born and raised here in Erie.  My major is business management. I am involved in SGA, being a freshman representative, and I just joined Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society. I work at TGI Fridays as a server and I also work at the Court House. I really want this position as VP of Public Relations because I really enjoy communicating with people.


Abby Cavalier
Abby Cavalier

I am freshman Sports and Exercise Science (Pre Physical Therapy) Major. I’m from Greensburg, PA. I am currently freshmen class secretary for SGA. I am also involved in PT club, Exercise Science club, and member of Phi Eta Sigma. I am a very organized and timely person.

Adro Cherico
Adriani Cherico

My name is Adriani Cherico and I am a freshmen Pre-Med/Biology major here at Gannon.  Also currently, I am a Freshman Representative on SGA.  I have decided to run for the Executive Board position of Secretary.  Keep me in mind when you vote!


Taylor Shaffer
Taylor Shaffer

My name is Taylor Shaffer and I am running for SGA Treasurer. I am a sophomore accounting major from West Sunbury, PA. I am an organized, responsible, and reliable person who gets tasks accomplished. I would be a good fit as the SGA Treasurer because of my experience and motivation.

MLK Day!

Gannon University honored the memory of the slain civil rights leader through a prayer service in the Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel and by welcoming the public to a memorial lunch in the Waldron Center.

Below are pictures from the event.

MLK_14 MLK_13 MLK_12 MLK_11 MLK_10 MLK_9 MLK_8 MLK_7 MLK_6 MLK_5 MLK_4 MLK_3 MLK_2 MLK_1 MLK_15